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Prairie Dreams ~ Well Worn Seams ~ Made With Love ~ by Susie

20 Laundry Sewing Candles 'n Stuff Pantry Labels

This set of 20 labels are all non-food items.

You will get each of the following labels in this set;

Harbangers Whisker Dye, Butt'ry, Old Homestead Washing Soda, Kitchen Needfuls,
 Grannys Washing Water

Wool, Buttons, Meltons Spool Cotton, Daisy Brite Laundry Bluing, Cedar Lane Stomach Bitters

Black Pine Tar Soap, Drapers Drygoods, Olde Homestead Candles, Red Rose Clothespegs, My Little Master Mood Lifter

Primitive Gatherings, Bayberry Wax Candles, Wishing Well Scouring Soap, Olde Farmhouse, and Red Rooster Poultry Feed

Each label is about 5 inches wide and 4 inches high (Or the opposite). Some can be trimmed smaller if needed. 

Wallet photo sized sets also available.

These are not stickers.

As with all of my labels, they can be glued or double back taped to jars, boxes, hangtags, or whatever your imagination comes up with.


$11.50 per set of 20 FULL Sized Labels.

Shipping & Handling included.



$9.50 per set of 20 WALLET sized labels.

Shipping & Handling included.


 International shipping please add $1.

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