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Prairie Dreams ~ Well Worn Seams ~ Made With Love ~ by Susie

Ready to Use Vintage Style Medicine Labels 

 In this set you will get 17 labels.  

Four of them are about 5 inches tall -

Benjamin's Dentifrice, Blacks Camphor Liniment, Bleus Vegetable Balsamic Elixer and Harbanger's Whisker Dye.

Three of them are about 3.5 tall and a very narrow 1.5 inches -

Bleus Vegetable Balsamic Elixer, Blacks Camphor Liniment and Benjamin's Dentifrice.

The Little Master Mood Lifter label is about 2 1/2 square.
The rest are about 3.5 inches high by 2.25 wide -

Shruckmans Lung Balsam, Aunt Mabels One Drop Beauty Lotion,

Mrs. Smith's Digestive Cordial, Morning Glory Laundry Blue, Grant & Nobles Jaundice Bitters,

Humblers Liver Cordial, Dr Wlm. Killmeyer Stomach Bitters Compound and another Harbangers Whisker Dye.

I've also added in a smaller version of the Blacks Camphor Liniment that is the same width as the others but just about 2" tall.

 NONE of the bottles are included in this offer.

This is JUST for the 17 odd sized labels that are designed to mimic vintage medicinal jar labels.

 The picture below shows 15, but you will receive one each of the 17 labels listed above for $10.50 including shipping.